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In the fall semester of 2011 I took an introduction to computer graphics course (CMPT 361).  Our final assignment was to implement a raytracer in c++.  A raytracer is a program that implements the ray tracing algorithm to produce images with a high degree of realism.  The basic premise of the algorithm is to shoot light rays from the camera through pixels in an image canvas and trace them to see where they end up.  If the rays end up at a light source, we know that they originated from that light, and contribute light to the scene.  If the rays go off to infinity, we know they contribute nothing to the scene.  My description was very crude so I suggest you read more about it here.  The project was very fun to work on, and I was fairly happy with my results.  There are a few things I want to fix, but haven’t got around to yet.  Specifically texture mapping and reflections.  Here are some renders generated from my program.

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