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profile_picBorn: September 18th, 1989
Home Town: Vancouver, B.C.
Current City: Vancouver, B.C.
Occupation: Student


I am currently studying computing science at Simon Fraser University in beautiful British Columbia Canada.  I’ve started to focus on software development with an emphasis in web applications.  Another area that excites me is mobile application development.


Fitness: I grew up playing recreational soccer and tennis, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really started to take fitness seriously.  The first year consisted of typical weight training before I discovered crossfit.  I started doing crossfit in January of 2011 at Crossfit Lions in North Vancouver.  Before long, I had much more energy throughout the day and could focus my mind much more easily.  I continue to do crossfit to stay healthy, but mainly to keep me motivated and hungry for constant self improvement in and out of the gym.

Music: The first time I really got into music was in high school when I picked up the guitar.  I taught myself to play using tablature (or tabs) found online.  I met a few guys and we started a punk band which survived through grade 12.  I have also played in a pop punk group as well as a metal band.  I am not currently playing music in a group but I work on my skills alone and try to learn something new every week.

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