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Bucket List

This is my do list. I origonally called this my bucket list. It quickly became stale, and I wouldn’t often try to knock things off. After reading an awesome blog post by Joel Runyon I decided to revamp my list. Organizing it a bit more should help me keep it up to date. I also have a section of things that I could go out and do on any given day without much planning at all.

Do (little or no planning needed)

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Ride in a helicopter
  3. See a solar eclipse
  4. See a drive in movie
  5. See a meteor shower
  6. Fly first class
  7. Go scuba diving
  8. Try kitesurfing
  9. Hike black tusk


  1. Compete in a triathalon
  2. Run a marathon
  3. 100 pushups
  4. Do a backflip


  1. Visit each continent
  2. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia
  3. Summit one of the 14 largest peaks in the world
  4. Mount Everest K2 Kangchenjunga Lhotse Makalu Cho Oyu Dhaulagiri I
    Manaslu Nanga Parbat Annapurna I Gasherbrum I Broad Peak Gasherbrum II Shishapangma
  5. Attend a world cup football match
  6. Go camping in Africa
  7. Visit outer space
  8. See Mt.Everest in person
  9. See the great pyriamids
  10. Travel throughout Italy
  11. Do karaoke in Japan
  12. Visit a Belgium beer brewery
  13. Go to Oktoberfest
  14. Attend a Formula 1 race
  15. Attend a NASCAR Race
  16. Attend a moto GP race
  17. Go to Burning Man
  18. Drive or bike across Canada


  1. Get my motorcycle licence
  2. Ride along in a fighter jet
  3. Experience a hurricane
  4. See a tornado
  5. Go highlining
  6. Experience zero gravity
  7. Drive the Nurbergring Nordschleife
  8. Get my knee down
  9. Go cave diving
  10. Go Dirtbiking


  1. Build a guitar
  2. Write and record an entire song solo
  3. Paint something I’m proud of
  4. Brew a batch of beer from scratch
  5. Make my own wine from scratch
  6. Make my own vodka from scratch
  7. Get a photograph of lightning


  1. Become fluent in another language
  2. See the canucks win the Stanley Cup
  3. Fly in a private jet
  4. Catch a fish that is bigger than me
  5. See the northern lights (good ones)

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