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Django’s Annotate Filter

I’ve been doing a bit of work lately trying to gather some analytics on users. I’m going to use the example of a sports application where people can create and join multiple teams. The other day I was writing a … Continue reading

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Chrome’s Conditional Breakpoints

One thing I just recently found out is that you can set conditional breakpoints in Chrome. Open up the inspector and go to the sources tab. Find the script you are wanting to debug, then set a breakpoint like you … Continue reading

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Today I Learned….

I’m going into my fourth month working at Mobify. I’m learning tons of stuff on the job, so one great way to solidify it in my memory will be to blog about what I’m picking up along the way. Maybe … Continue reading

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Semester In Innovation

This summer I applied and got into a course called Designing SFU Mobile, or Semester in Innovation. The goal was to take students from computing science, business, and interactive arts and technology (IAT or SIAT), and have us work together … Continue reading

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Spring 2012 Semester Review

I’ve just finished the last of my exams for the spring semester and want to record my thoughts while they’re still fresh. My course load was very light, especially for a 12 credit semester. I didn’t end up attending many … Continue reading

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India Part 3 (Mumbai)

All of us were happy when our little plane took off from Delhi. It took a while for the aircraft to break through the fog and into the blue sky. We were only in the air for two and a … Continue reading

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India Part 2 (Tourists)

The day after the funeral, I had recovered from my little illness and was looking forward to leave on our tour of northern India.  Coming on the trip was Amish, his brother Tarak, Tarak’s wife Sneha, our friend Ron, as … Continue reading

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India Part 1 (The Village)

I just got back from an amazing 3 week trip to India.  I was invited to attend my friend’s brother’s wedding early in 2011 and accepted the invite knowing that it may be the only time I would get to … Continue reading

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Fall 2011 Wrap Up

This was a very eventful week. My fall semester is finished with the exception of two final exams.  I was only working three days a week and taking two classes, yet I was surprised at the amount of work required. … Continue reading

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