Fall 2011 Wrap Up

This was a very eventful week.

My fall semester is finished with the exception of two final exams.  I was only working three days a week and taking two classes, yet I was surprised at the amount of work required.  My graphics course (CMPT 361) had four assignments, four of which I put over 30-50 hours into.  The assignments for my compilers course were also time consuming and challenging.  I enjoyed both courses very much and learned a lot.  I will most likely do another post soon summarizing the courses.

Yesterday was my last day of work at Elasticpath software.  I had been working part time for EP software since January.  First as a quality assurance analyst coop, then as a performance analyst coop since April.  Instead of going back to full time studies in September, I stayed on with EP three days a week and took two classes.  If I had fewer courses left in my degree then I would love to have stayed on with the company.  There are roughly 140 employees at EP, yet it feels like a much smaller company.  They are constantly innovating their product; as a result, the work is exciting and always provides new challenges.  The employees love organizing events, from drop in hockey and rock band parties, to bigger things like company picnics.  I’m sad to end my time at Elasticpath, but I’m also looking forward to completing my studies.

As for crossfit, I’ve falled off the wagon a bit in the past few weeks.  After competing at the Crossfit Taranis Winter Challenge, I took a few days rest before training again.  A cold I’d aquired before the winter challenge started making a comback once I got back in the gym.  I decided to take 5 days off to make sure that I got rid of the nasty bugger.  Once the cold was gone, I got back in the gym for a weekend team workout.  It consisted of 195 pull ups, 195 kb swings, 195 double unders and 195 overhead squats.  The pull ups absolutely destroyed my arms and I ended up taking another 5 days off.  That leads us to this week.  Monday and Tuesday went well, and then Wednesday rolled around.  Fran.  For people who don’t know much about crossfit, Fran is probably the most famous crossfit workout.  Everyone talks about how painful it is.  I had heard this on so many occasions, and this was my first time tackling the WOD so I was expecting the worst.  The only problem is that you can expect the worst, but until you experience the worst, you have no idea what it’s like.  Fran messed me up worse than I could have ever imagined.  I started off the workout strong, doing the 21 thrusters unbroken, then moving onto the pull ups.  After the 21 thrusters, I was already starting to feel the lungs burning.  I took a few breaths then jumped up and hammered out 21 pull ups unbroken.  After I dropped from the bar the real workout started.  I was starting to feel light headed, and had a very hard time catching my breath.  I walked back to the bar and thought “Ok, lets get a good set of 7 or 8 thrusters now.”  I picked up the bar and did 4.  That’s all I could muster.  At this point, 15 thrusters is sounding like a lot bigger number than it did initially.  The rest of the workout went this way, picking up the bar and hammering out small sets of thrusters, and breaking up the pull ups.  I pushed it as hard as I could have pushed it, ending up finishing in 5:56.  After I finished, I collapsed and thought “Thank god it’s over!”  But it wasn’t over.  For then next 50 minutes I felt absolutely horrible.  I didn’t get the puke feeling that many athletes get after throwing down Fran, but my heart was pounding, I was light headed, and my vision was off for a few minutes (color hue wasn’t quite right).  I never thought a 5 minute workout could feel like so much work.  Now I know, Fran is legit.

Next week I’ve got two exams, one Monday and one Wednesday.  Then on Friday evening I fly to India for 21 days to attend a wedding and do some travelling.  I’ll be sure to write a post as soon as I can, but my classes start right when I get back from my trip, so it may be a week or two.

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